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Get A Boyfriend Captain America

26 May 2016

Over in the Twitterverse many cyberspace Captain America fans are wishing the famous Superhero would get a boyfriend instead of snagging kisses from girls in the movies.

Earlier this week, the hashtag #GiveCaptainAmericaABoyfriend became a top trending topic on Twitter, which American advocacy group GLAAD says is a sign that audiences are eager for significant LGBT characters in their superhero movies. This comes less than a month after GLAAD issued its annual studio responsibility index , which found that Walt Disney Studios, which owns Marvel, had ZERO LGBT characters in its films last year.

"It's getting increasingly difficult to ignore that LGBT people remain almost completely shut out of Hollywood's big budget comic films that have dominated the box office over the past couple of years," said Megan Townsend, GLAAD's entertainment media strategist, who noted there are LGBT characters in both the source comics and in television adaptations, but not on Disney's big screen.

The Twitter trending was powered by both advocates and dissenters. Scores of Twitter users suggested that Steve Rogers/Captain America (Chris Evans) be paired up with his old friend Bucky Barnes/The Winter Soldier (Sebastian Stan), who has been a significant player in all three Captain America films. But other tweets decried the rallying call, stressing that the character has never been gay in the comic book source material. On the other hand, the comic book source material never outed him as straight either.

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