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Instagram Bans Gay Hashtags

26 May 2016

Popular social network app, Instagram is doing a clean-up. At first glance it might appear to be a "gay" cleanup because if you search for #lesbian, #bi or #gays, you’ll be met with a blank page and a message reading “No Posts Yet”.

However, the photo-sharing app claims its NOT because its homophobic or biphobic but that it’s simply Instagram’s attempt to fight porn on the site. Sexual hashtags that are obviously banned include #anal, #breast and #penis.

Other banned hashtags include #lesbiansofinstagram, #snapchatgay and #iamgay amongst numerious others

A few LGBT hashtags are still available however – including #queer, #bisexual, #gaylove and #transgender – so, if you are an Instagram user remember to use those when you’re posting a snap of you and your other half making out on the couch.

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