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Cliff Richard cleared of sexual offence allegations against four men

Cliff Richard Not Guilty

17 June 2016

Over in the UK, Pop Icon Sir Cliff Richard has been cleared of allegations that he sexually offended against four males, including young boys, between the 1950s and '80s.

Despite rumours which have dogged him since his career took off in the 1960s Richard has always denied he is gay.

The chief crown prosecutor says there is insufficient evidence to proceed with the case. Richard, 75, has strenuously denied the allegations and voluntarily met with police last November to discuss the matter.

In a statement Richard says he objects strongly to the way the way the case was handled, including TV news cameras being present when his home was raided.

Richard has remained silent about the allegations until now. “This was despite the widely-shared sense of injustice resulting from the high-profile fumbling of my case from day one. Other than in exceptional cases, people who are facing allegations should never be named publicly until charged... I was named before I was even interviewed and for me that was like being hung out like ‘live bait’."

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