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Orlando Killer's Ex Speaks Out

23 June 2016

Over in the USA a man claiming he was the Orlando gunman’s lover says that the mass shooting was not an act of terror but an act of revenge against Puerto Ricans after finding out one of the Puerto Rican gay men he had a threesome with was HIV positive.

In an interview with local television network, Univision, the man, identified only as Miguel, says that Omar Mateen had tested negative for HIV but believed not enough time had passed for this to be an accurate result and wanted to “make them pay”.

Sparking to Univision's Maria Elena Salinas he says, ”The thing that makes me want to tell the truth is that he didn’t do it for terrorism. In my opinion he did it for revenge.”

Miguel says Mateen felt used and rejected at Pulse and “hated Puerto Rican gays” - the men he was most attracted to.

"He was always there and he was there because he liked Latinos and he was attracted to dark skin. But sadly, from what he told me, he felt used.

"He felt anger, a lot of anger towards Puerto Ricans."

According to Miguel, the pair met on Grindr and had their first date at Orlando’s Parliament House which describes itself as a “premiere gay travel and entertainment destination”.

He says another venue called "Parliament" would have been where he would have carried out the attack if it was an act of terror and not Pulse. "Pulse is nothing to compared to Parliament, Parliament is a disco, it's a hotel and it's a bar, and there are a lot of people.”

Mateen’s wife knew of his hookups with gay men according to Miguel who says that Mateen eventually revealed he was married.

Univision reports that the Ambassador hotel - where Miguel says he met up with Mateen around 20 time between October and December 2015 - confirmed that Mateen had stayed at the hotel at least 63 times last year and was a familiar face.

The gunman also described Islam to Miguel as "a beautiful religion in which everyone is welcome - gays, trans, bisexuals, heteros, everyone”.

Asked why he decided to come forward with his story now, he said: “It’s my responsibility as a citizen of the United States and a gay man.”

The man said he had approached the FBI and been interviewed three times in person by agents.

Read more about the interview with Univision HERE!

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