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2016 Jaguar F-Pace

2016 Jaguar F-Pace

By Franky Johnson

The All New Jaguar F-Pace is the manufacturer’s first venture into the SUV market and they have done well to capture the luxurious, sporty essence of their sister offerings.

The F-Pace is an all-round great car to drive and there were many aspects that make you just love this car.

Fun to drive

Sports cars are fun to drive. SUV’s are fun to drive. Sports SUV’s are double the fun.

While the Jaguar F-Pace doesn’t give off the ultimate off-roader feeling, the All-Wheel drive systems and Adaptive Surface Response mean you can hit the dirt trail without worry.

The Dynamic drive mode and sport gear mode are the real stand out features. When you want to play the paddle shifters on the steering wheel offer quick shifts up or down but the car will not let you put the engine at risk and will intervene and change gear if you don’t. The 2 litre turbo diesel has enough power to push you into your seat as you accelerate with the 0-100 coming quick enough at 8.7 seconds.

The Jaguar F-Pace offers plenty of grip in corners and the safety systems in the car never hint at you being at risk of losing control. In Dynamic drive there is the option to monitor, on the centre screen, which wheels are getting the power as it is shifted dynamically by the management systems.

You can’t expect less from a vehicle with a built in lap-timer.

Attention to detail

What sets The Jaguar F-Pace apart from other, similar sized SUV’s is the attention to detail they have put into the vehicle. Some of the finer details I noticed are;

  • When unlocking the vehicle the mirrors will unfold and a puddle light shines on the floor at the front doors. Within the light is the Jaguar name which shines onto the floor.
  • Inside the car, before starting the Start/Stop button will flash as a heartbeat, like an athlete at the start of a race.
  • When the engine switches off at a stop, even a light touch on the steering wheel will start it back up again.
  • The stitching on the dash is exquisitely executed which gives the impression that the vehicle is hand crafted by a perfectionist.
  • On start up the instrument cluster draws itself onto the screen from the centre.
  • You can open the boot by placing your foot under the rear of the vehicle, as long as the key is with you, it will open itself if your hands are full.
None of the above are critical to the operation of the vehicle, but they are ‘WOW’ factors that elevate the experience of the F-Pace making it a car that you want to get in and explore what else it can do.


The Jaguar F-Pace R-sport achieved consumption of 7.2l/100km on the open road and 7.9l/100km in a combined cycle. This is higher than the claimed 5.3l/100km but still very good for a near 2.5 ton vehicle.

The 60 Litre tank is smaller than I expected for a vehicle of this size but you can get far enough on a tank because of the economy. Once the excitement has worn down and you get more time with the vehicle the consumption is very likely to be lower than what I managed to achieve in a few days with the vehicle.

The 8-Speed automatic gearbox is managed differently in the various driving modes with Dynamic keeping you in a lower gear for optimum response, and Eco assigning gears based on fuel consumption.

Stunning Interior

Jaguar have put together a luxurious interior in the F-Pace which radiates high quality everywhere you look. The textures used are exciting to touch with the roof lining and the steering wheel being a delight to the sense.

We experienced a panoramic sunroof which can slide open adding to the sporty appeal of the large F-Pace.

At night the interior comes alive with all the lights providing quite a spectacular environment inside the car. One can choose from a variety of colours for the ambient lighting allowing you to set the mood, much like you can with your instrument panel.


There is plenty of room in the Jaguar F-Pace for 5 adults to travel comfortably. In the driver’s seat you are equipped with a host of electronic controls which allow you to set an optimum driving position, with 4 memory options so you can save your settings should you let anyone else drive the car.

In the rear there is ample space to seat the family securely, and 2 USB charging ports as well as an extra 12V socket are provided for the charging of tablets and phones for all.

Display screens

The Jaguar F-Pace features a large in dash screen which is where you control the many features this car comes with. On the model we tested was a 10.2 inch touchscreen where you could set your navigation, view any of your entertainment functions or change any of the various settings available to you.

The 12.3 inch instrument display panel is customisable to different views and will also differ depending on which driving mode you are in. Dynamic mode yields a sporty red instrument cluster while the Normal and Eco mode is a cool Blue. You can also view the navigation map on this screen while driving.


No matter where you are, or how dull your day may be, knowing that you are going to walk outside and get into the Jaguar F-Pace is uplifting.

This is the car the Bosses boss drives and having the keys in your pocket is like a magic potion to cheer you up. It is easy to feel confident with this car in your driveway.


Apart from the usual On-Board navigation, Blue Tooth and a beautiful Meridian sound system, the Jaguar F-Pace boasts some interesting connectivity tools to your mobile phone.

With a SIM Card installed one can communicate with the car from a mobile app and control functions such as pre-setting the climate control or making sure the windows are closed. The app will even help you find your car if you forgot where you parked it.

Connecting a Bluetooth device is fairly easy and one can play music via the media player into the car sound system. Controls are on the steering wheel and the display can be part of your instrument cluster.

The Parking-Assist includes a rear camera with guiding lines that show you the trajectory of the steering for easy slotting into any space big enough.

In amongst the features you can explore are Valet mode, which prevents unwanted people from getting into your glove compartment of boot, a live graphic which displays which wheels the drive is going to, a warning tone when approaching known speed traps and did I mention a built in lap timer?


Pricing for the Jaguar F-Pace starts at R 778,996 for the entry level 20d AWD Pure and peaks at R1,331,146 for the range topping 35t AWD S First Edition.

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