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How to Stop Emotional Eating

By Alex James

I cry-eat more often than I want to admit. Stressful day at work? McDonalds it is! Fight with the boyfriend? Yes, I'll have a second maragarita! Some folk call it comfort food but it can become a vice.

I'm not alone in this. Many nutritionists say weight issues and food cravings are less about physical happenings in the body and are closely tied to our emotional state. But life isn't pretty all of the time, so the challenge becomes how to not turn to food when things get out of whack.

Beyond practicing mindful eating as much as possible, you can try giving yourself a detox — of the emotional kind.

By pinpointing the reasons you're upset, you can find a better way to deal with the anger that doesn't have to involve turning to food.

You can try this cleansing ritiual of sorts. Focus on what's bothering you and find a symbolic way to release it.

Write a letter and tear it up, throw a stone into the water, or visualize its dissipation into the air. The point of the exercise is to allow you time to reflect on the feeling and then let go of it. While it might sound a little on the new-agey side of things, this simple act can be a "powerful way to free yourself emotionally," advice that can be used well beyond the dinner table.

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