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Whats In A Word

By Lou Lou

Everyone has experienced “that moment” when a so-called-friend destroys your chances at sealing the deal with that special someone.

A friend of mine the other day mentioned on Facebook a popular gay term for the lesbian version of the words "Cock Block". I thought his version was a bit mundane but since I couldn't come up with a suitable alternative I decided to trawl the net in search of... I came upon a Reddit thread which discussed the issue... rather intimately.

Here are some alternatives – the good and bad – for just the ladies out there.

Clam Jam
“I was about to get her number, but then whats-her-face completely came over and clam jammed me.”
“Nah, I got bushwhacked or else I would have gotten her number.”
“I didn’t need you coming over with all that clitorference, okay?"
Taco Blacko
“We were having an amazing conversation when – WHAM – Morgan came over all taco blacko and ruined it.”
Twat Swat
“That is the THIRD time tonight, stop being a twat swat!”
Pussy Pass
“I was about to ask her if she wanted to get outta here, but that bartender came in with the pussy pass and I had no chance.”
Similar terms: Pussy Block
Honey Pot Block
“She swooped in like freakin’ ninja! Classic honey pot block.”
Muffin Muzzle
“Don’t be a muffin muzzle, damn!”
Box Out
“Oh no, is Sarah talking to that clingy girl? Go box out.”
Similar term: Box Block.
Beaver Dam
“Oh, sorry were you going to go talk to her? I don’t wanna beaver dam.”
Carpet Cutter
“She walked up to us and immediately brought up that embarrassing period story I swore her to secrecy with – what a carpet cutter.”
Cooch Check
“And she had the NERVE to come in with the cooch check, unbelievable.”
Snatch Snag
“Sometimes being a good friend means going in for the snatch snag, I couldn’t watch her make that mistake!”
“I saw you working game over there, that is until that other chick came over with the scissorception.”
Cunt Punt
“You can always count on Tracy to come over and cunt punt, every single time.”

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