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The End Of A Relationship

By Lou Lou

Ending a relationship is always going to be difficult, even if you feel you are no longer in love. It's important, however, to maintain self-respect and dignity throughout, no matter how things turn out.

There's something about lesbians that seems to make them into serial monogamists. Contrary to the myth, many younger lesbians are having a great deal of short-lived, intense relationships that ultimately end in tears.

Unfortunately, for every case of giddy, exciting, stomach-churning experience of love at first sight (now this time she really is the one!), there is always a case of nasty break-up syndrome.

Many girls come to me and profess that they really thought this girl was the one - after a couple of weeks they are seeing each other every day and declaring that they love each other. They feel the immediate connection is like nothing else they have felt and are all ready to move in together.

It may sound laughable, but it is happening more and more frequently with modern lesbians. Unfortunately, just a few months down the line, these kind of relationships end up in a messy way that leaves girls sworn off love (well, at least until the next time!).

The problem lies in the time in which they are getting to know each other - instead of being patient and taking time over something that should be enjoyed, the fledgling relationship goes from date to lifelong mate in a matter of days.

Sadly, this ends up with one or both parties waking up one day when the mundane side to life breaks through - and realizing that this is so wrong - by which time, it is far too late to do anything about it, except become resentful of each other.

With everything intensified, it is easy for it to get out of control, but if you can be the mature one and walk away when it is obvious that things aren't working, you will ultimately benefit from the experience. It may hurt at the time, but self-respect is the most important thing you should never lose - and eventually you will attract the girl that is perfect for you.

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