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Taking A Look At Love

By Lou Lou

There's a common myth among conservative heterosexuals about gay love. That it doesn't exist. Or that - if it does - it's often a messed up, paranoid, scrambled version of heterosexual love.

Many a time I've heard someone comment on the lack of longevity of their gay friend's relationships. Then they actually think about it and realise that Samantha and Jenny have actually been together for twelve years, own a house, car and Hartman and Kepler sofa together.

Although love in gay and lesbian terms is no different than in heterosexual terms, there are slight differences to take into consideration. The most obvious is that of timescale.
Fact. Lesbians manage to condense a year-long relationship into three weeks.
Fact. Gay men secretly desire a husband and would love to settle down before you can say Edgars Club chargecard.

It hurts the same when you're dumped and feels as wonderful when you meet 'the one'. Someone once said to me, after moaning about their dreadful (straight) relationship that "it would be easier if I was gay".

Afraid not, but it can be more fun when going clothes shopping! All the issues are there no matter what the dynamic of the relationship - why should it be different?

So what if you're bisexual? Is it possible to fall in love? Of course it is - but people seem to think that bisexuals aren't really dykes/gays/straight and they'll mess you about - HOWEVER, being bisexual doesn't mean that you can't be monogamous, or that you will be looking 'the other way' all the time. That's just as likely or unlikely in any sort of relationship.

The grass is always greener and that's probably why straight people think gay love is easier and vice versa. But there really is no difference when it comes to love, because it is a human emotion. Yes there may be constraints socially and in religious terms but essentially it is the same for anyone. It goes without saying that everyone will fall in love at some point in their life, so why should it be any different if it's with someone of the same sex?

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