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Cleaning Your Love Life

By Lou Lou

Everyone has a good clean of their home every now and then – whether it be the wardrobe, kitchen or bathroom, but do they actually look at their love life? It’s just as cathartic – and more importantly, cleaning it up can be loads of fun!

If you're currently single, it doesn’t mean you can’t take a look at yourself in terms of the dating game. You may have been hiding away in winter thinking there’s no point in going out on the pull. Well, now the days are getting longer and the weather is (hopefully) getting nicer, you can step out in confidence and bag yourself a lovely lady.

Write a list of what you're after, and write a list of your good points – then you’ll see there’s absolutely no reason why you can’t get what you want. And don’t despair – just because the lesbian scene may not your kind of thing, there are other ways of meeting girls. Go to more dinner parties, volunteer or join interest groups – you'll build your confidence and widen your circle, which is the best combination for finding someone new.

And what if you're already in a long-term relationship? Well, if you’ve been together ten weeks or ten years, take a look at how you act toward your partner. Could you be a little bit more romantic? Could you spend more quality time together? Appreciating each other and communicating are the best ways to make a relationship work.

So, what are you waiting for!? Get out your duster and start cleaning! Better yet, use it to tickle her all over while you… well, that's another article!

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