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Dealing With Heartaches

By Merline St. John

I think that throughout our lives we have all experienced heartache, and in varying degrees.

There are different types of heartache and the one most common is the pain of breaking up. One person usually goes through more pain than the other partner and as Neil Sedaka says "Breaking up is hard to do".

The emotional state of a person seems to go into a dip that becomes very hard to surface from, it seems that this invisible hand that keeps pulling you down - really grips you hard.

The questions that you ask yourself, the blame that you carry seems to vibrate within your body and it feels like your heart has been through the cheese grater. All these emotional factors can tip you over the edge and make you become a person you do not know. The strong become weak and the rational become irrational. Will you ever survive?

Some of us cope better than others and some of us slip into a suicidal dream that seems to be the only way of resolving the hurt that lies in every crook and cranny of your body. The dullness and the aching heartache seems to grow and the sadness of losing your other half becomes like an embalming fluid running through your body.

Friends try to help, offering support, but you also know that they cannot be there forever. Their support is limited, not intentionally but because they have their own lives to manage. Your sobbing breaks their heart, they love you as a mate, but sooner or later it gets to a stage where it irritates them. They want to reach out and slap you - 'get over it, there are plenty fish in the sea!'.

It's the world we live in, the songs we hear, the memories that haunt us and remind us. It seems that the pain becomes amplified again and again and no one understands your hurt.

Heartache is a bitch, but if we support each other and appreciate the partners we have, hopefully we will be blessed with someone for the rest of our lives.

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