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Lesbian Fetish Scene

By Lou Lou

As with the gay scene, there are many sub-scenes that exist to cater for many different Lesbian tastes and interests. Although the lesbian fetish scene is markedly smaller than it is for gay men, there are many new club nights and websites starting up to advise and connect those that are into an alternative lifestyle.

The main fetish clubs for lesbians cater for burlesque, drag and uniform, with a small leather, rubber and PVC following. Whilst BDSM does play a role in the scene, it is a significantly smaller part than that of burlesque or uniform.

Here's a brief guide to the different types of fetish scenes for lesbians:
Burlesque has been a recent addition to the scene, but has become hugely popular since the release of films like Moulin Rouge and since pop stars such as Pink have used it as a theme for their live gigs. Generally, this is a very decadent scene where no expense is spared on outfits and feminine girls get the opportunity to flaunt their sexuality to admirers in a safe place.

Uniform has long been a part of the lesbian scene. Many women enjoy dressing up as police officers, soldiers and sailors and quite often use this as an opportunity to drag up. This has been an age-old tradition on the lesbian scene since the early 18th century and was recently made famous by Sarah Waters' book, Tipping the Velvet.

BDSM is a relatively small part of the scene that attracts a faithful and dedicated crowd, often spending a great deal of money on outfits and equipment. Lesbian BDSM clubs operate strict rules that many other gay and straight clubs implement. They are certainly not for the faint-hearted. Indeed, BDSM practices may offend. There are often shows that involve branding, cutting and burning. Group sex in 'playrooms' often occurs and people often take part in a voyeuristic way or ask to join in. Many clubs will not let you in unless you adhere to the strict leather, rubber, uniform or PVC dress code.

You may find that there are a lot of couples that partake in one or more of the above scenes. Lesbians will generally attend as part of a group or with their lovers and so you will find that these are non-threatening environments.

If you are part of a couple and want to spice things up a little for both of you, a visit to a fetish club could be just the thing you need to get things exciting again. Many lesbians simply go out of curiosity or because a friend is going and find that they discover a sexual side of themselves that they didn't think previously existed.

The great thing about visiting such clubs as part of a couple is that it encourages not only self-respect, but mutual respect and trust, along with a confidence that can only improve your sex lives.

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