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Make A Video Of Yourself

By Lou Lou

In this digital age of ours, there are many ways to enhance your sex life that are way beyond what you might have already considered. It's socially much more acceptable now to use digital photos and video to keep a private record of your love life and many more are doing this to fulfil fantasies and improve their sex life - whether they be in a long term relationship of many years or are simply moving things to the next stage in a steamy courtship.

The all too common cry from lesbians is that there is a real lack in sexy films for girls, with searches online and in a limited number of shops offering only badly made films aimed at straight men. With that in mind, why not make your own?

As with many elements of a sexual relationship, this is one endeavour that really does require an element of trust. You need to talk it through with your girlfriend to discuss any concerns you have before doing it. It's not advisable to do it on a one night stand with someone you've just met - this could open you up to all sorts of internet embarrassment!

Firstly, you need to talk about what you want from this video - is it just something to do as a one off just to see what you look like together or is it an imaginative piece of film that's going to add to your fantasy roleplay? The great thing about doing something like this is that all you need is a camera and a laptop - it's not something out of the ordinary and if you get it wrong, it simply doesn't matter as you can have fun trying all over again.

It is undoubtedly a good idea to ensure you are both feeling your best - committing yourself to film, wobbly bits and all, when you're feeling pre-menstrual or just a bit down is probably not the best things for your self-esteem. Both of you could include the preparation as part of your foreplay. Try giving each other a bath, facial and massage to ensure you're feeling confident and sexy.

Make sure that everything is set up beforehand so that you can simply get on with things without having to worry about getting it right. Nothing will kill the passion more than you worrying about taking the lens cap off, exposure (pun intended) or cables trailing about the place. You might try to forget that the camera is there if you're nervous and it's your first time. You may, however be a terrible show off and simply love the attention!

Ensure you have enough time and that you're not expecting any visitors or phone calls and just relax. This is supposed to be an enjoyable fun momento of your fantastic lovemaking.

The key things to remember are: it doesn't matter if you get it wrong - it's only for you both to enjoy privately, you can do it as many times as you like - or if you didn't enjoy it, you don't have to do it again!

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