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How To Dress A Lesbian

By Merline St. John

The words fashion and lesbian are not always stated together in the correct manner and often fashion sense does not exist in your vocabulary. Of course, you understand jeans, t-shirt, and tekkies. That ruffled hairstyle that you think is cute and boxer shorts you picked from the local retail store that is big on price.

Gyrls the fashion police have arrived. Jeans cool but not when taking the wife, girlfriend, or mistress to dinner. It speaks a garbled message of 'this is my rough, suave, and only clothes I have'

Style is something that can be accomplished with the bare minimum. Many butch girls buy from the men's department because it easier to find the right size and the clothes look easier to wear then the womens. Unfortunately, this is the biggest mistake butch girls make, and we cannot stress how important 'good fit' is.

The bulge does not look attractive, you really do not have the package to put in there, and the rugby sock is not a good option. There is a retailer that does cater for the big girl and you can find clothes that are meant for women and will sit better on your body and actually give you a more complimentary look.

Shoes are always important, make sure that they are clean and don't have old dog crap stuck underneath. Now we know that pointy shoes are out and anything will a heel is not even negotiable but a good sturdy show is fine. What we do suggest, however, is no Cats or tekkies on the dinner date. People always notice shoes and the scuffed look is also out. Polish polish polish.

Shirts are important and you can look stylish in a shirt that is not too big and highlights your assets. Not everybody is comfortable with bare skin but fastening up to the top button sort of gives you the mormon look. No disrespect intended. Remember girls buttons are on the opposite side to mens buttons. Other people also know if you have a mens shirt on.

There are many places that do sexy even for butch. The bottom line is we want to keep our gyrls by looking good and taking their breath away - we are women and we love women - let's look good for each other.

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