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Handling Unrequited Love

Handling Unrequited Love

By Lou Lou

We've all been there. Isn't it painful? You think you've met the girl of your dreams - again - and if you can't have her, you won't have anyone else at all - ever!

It always seems harder for lesbians. That whole female emotion thing can be just terrible, and when it's unrequited love, you really do think you'll die if you don't spend the rest of your lives together.

It's difficult. With women, the boundaries between friendship and love are often crossed, at times with dire consequences, so it's important to make sure you think hard about what your crush is actually all about.

It's hardly surprising that two friends can easily fall in love - or what they think is love. Lesbians are renowned for getting involved with friends and having crushes that are just as painful as the ones they had at school.

So what can you do? Well, as hard as it may seem, you need to distance yourself and take stock. You may think that following her around and being with her every minute of the day will help matters, but it actually makes things worse. You need to be more confident about who you are as a person and be happy about spending time with other people.

Once you realise that she actually has flaws and is not the wonderful person you make her out to be, it will be easier to get over her. No one will ever ask you out on a date if they think you are obsessed with someone else.

So, get some perspective and get a life - quite literally!

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