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Lesbian Power Games

Lesbian Power Games

By Lou Lou

It may seem obvious when discussing power games in sex exactly what it is all about. Not so - though it is a very common form of sexual activity, particularly between women, due to the often greater influence of emotion.

Many women find that even the slightest hint of a power exchange when it comes to sex is a real turn on. From the minute flirting starts, there is often that frisson that, if kept going for long enough, can result in explosive and passionate sex. It's true when they say that women are more likely intellectually to flirt with each other, using their minds to engineer sexy power games that can really turn some women on.

But what about when it comes to sex? It is frequently the case that those who tend to be domineering in everyday life take the opposite role in sex. Power used against them in sex is often a welcome release - particularly for those in demanding roles at work who have to make big decisions and who are in charge of people. And the opposite is often true of those who are ordinarily shy and retiring.

It's important to remember that when using power during sex, it must be between two consensual women who are happy with the situation and it should be discussed beforehand - otherwise there is the danger that mental and emotional manipulation could occur.

A typical example of sexual power games could be making your partner adhere to rules, such as no touching, looking or speaking. By withdrawing if any rules are broken, the act becomes more prolonged, and hopefully much more sexy!

A perfect scenario would be to lay her down on the bed, sofa or floor in front of you. She would be totally naked and you fully clothed. That way the power has already shifted in your favour. You then kneel over her and gently caress or kiss her over her body. As soon as she makes a sound, she forfeits a minute of time with you - and if she goes to touch you, she forfeits even longer. You simply get up and walk away.

An alternative to this would be giving orders about where you want her to touch and kiss - and applying the same forfeit rules. It can be hard sometimes to keep your resolve, but by standing fast, you'll only increase the sexual tension. The good thing about two girls doing this is that it is easier to wait and so you really can build up to an amazingly passionate crescendo over time. For some, you could do this over hours, but for others, power games like this can, with intermissions, last for days.

It's important to remember that power games should never be used in a controlling way, which could potentially cause emotional harm to your partner. Some people are more susceptible to such games and take them too literally, but between two women who have respect for each other they can be a fantastic way to engage in compelling and passionate sex.

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