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With two girls, casual romping is a subtle dance, each in her own way

Casual Romps and Lesbians

By Lou Lou

Girls don’t quite do the sex thing the same as boys – who simply tell you they want it and then get on with it. With two girls, it’s normally more of a subtle dance, each trying to find out if the other likes her. Before you know it, there’s big confusion about who wants to do what – and it can end up being quite contrived.

You can however get over this by being a little bit brave and also a little bit patient.

Normally, intuition tells us when we think someone is ready to sleep with us, and then it’s just a hop, skip and a jump away when we start kissing – although you must also remember not to feel pressurised into sleeping with a girl if you aren’t ready, and also to be honest about why and make sure you don’t upset the girl by lying about it!

If you’ve been dating a while and are sure that you want to go for it, try not to worry too much about the fact that things might not be perfect. They never are, and if you make it more fun than sexy and romantic, you’re sure to have a better time.

Once you get over the initial nerves of the first time you’ll soon realise if you want it to be more of a permanent fixture or whether it’s one to put down to experience. Either way, try not to take it too seriously at first, and most importantly, try not to expect too much.

Many girls make the mistake of expecting hearts and flowers and long term romance just because they have slept with someone. It doesn’t always work like that – unless you’re one of the lucky ones! – so be sure to keep your own council for a while and see how things pan out. You’ll soon find that the more you take it in your stride, the more you’ll end up with a solid relationship – eventually!

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