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The gentle art of cuddling in lesbian relationships

Lesbian Cuddling Hints

By Merline St. John

Cuddling, an unusual term for getting close to one's partner and holding them tight to express love and closeness, often if you are lucky and do it right - its shag time!!!

Often women are classed as the softer sex and that means you have to cuddle more, it is expected and respected. There is no running into the house screaming whoo hoo lets hit the sack. Women want it soft and slow and sometimes it feels that men get a better deal. All this anonymous sex and no cuddling, just wham bam and shake it off.

Obviously there are advantages to cuddling and if you really do have a headache and feel like 'just cuddling' then you can - no questions asked and no expectations. Even though relationships are different I think that deep down the primal need is the same and for those that intellectualize about romance, the cuddling part can be used quite effectively as an excuse for semi-loving.

Cuddling is seen as an intimate and often sincere way of expressing love for one another, lying in one another's arms talking about the day and discussing the marks on the ceiling can take your relationship to another level.

It is important to connect to your partner on every level, as a gay woman it sometimes feels that we go through relationships looking but never finding. Maybe it is time for us to start cuddling more, hearing the birds actually chirping outside. But most important saying "I Love you"

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