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Get Dating Again

By Lou Lou

Have you been single for more than a year, starting to feel a bit lonely but is scared of dating again?

It's easy to think that our straight counterparts have it easier, but if you think about it - it's probably easier for gay and bisexual women in a way! If you take into consideration the fact that there are bars and clubs that all have women in them looking for sex and/or a relationship, then you can't go far wrong - but it's got to be down to you to take the plunge and decide that it is what you really want.

You may be feeling lonely because you think everyone else has got that special someone, when in fact they may well be feeling just as lonely - even if they are with someone.

The best thing for you to do is actually take a look at why you feel lonely. Is it because you don't have as many friends as you like, or perhaps your social life needs a kick up the backside? Once you define this, you can then forget about the L word - for now. After all, it is when we are at our happiest and we are least expecting it that romance happens. In which case, it might be a good idea for you to increase your circle of friends and give a few new activities a try, then the rest will be more likely to fall into place.

Yes, it can be horrible out there when you're single - but only if you let yourself believe that. The grass is always greener on the other side: there are plenty of coupled girls out there who will gladly swap places with you!

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