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Single Minded Lust

By Lou Lou

Sex is such a complicated issue for many people, single and couples alike. If you think your girlfriend only wants you for one thing our advice is to talk, talk, talk. You can’t do enough talking when it comes to sex!

You must tell your girlfriend how it makes you feel when you have sex – even if you think it might hurt her feelings. Being honest is so important in a physical and spiritual relationship, but be sure not to be blunt and inconsiderate.

Try suggesting other ways of having sex – indeed making love. You might try to get her to engage in foreplay some more, by stopping her from having sex with you as soon as you both get turned on. Make her wait, and hopefully she will enjoy it more than she thought and start to pick up on habits.

Being subtle is always good to, when it comes to being physical. Try slowing her down by kissing or massaging her and try to assume that when you go to bed, sex is not all you will do.

It’s all about talking and changing habits. You will soon find that things begin to change – and if they don’t, perhaps it’s time to reconsider the relationship.

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