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Sexy Exercises For Lesbians

By Lou Lou

It's all too easy to become complacent in a relationship. Yes it's all rather wonderful when you first meet - you're having sex everywhere possible in every which way known to womankind, but we all know, after a while, things can get a bit formulaic.

Not only that, but you can start getting too comfortable, putting on a few pounds, eating more together and doing less exercise. So with that in mind, spurred on by a little playful worry over whether she's going to run off with the girl in the corner shop, why not combine sex and exercise?

It may sound like a horrific experience - who would want to shag whilst on a treadmill anyway? That's not exactly what we're thinking. You can get hot and sweaty for all the right reasons and get your metabolism going while spicing up your sex life. It certainly beats running up the dual carriageway for half an hour in the rain.

So here are some ideas to get you started. Forget missionary, and definitely forget about a quick lazy shag before you nod off in front of the telly. This should get your heart beat racing.

Use a strap-on
Not only will using a strap on leave your hands free to explore other gorgeous parts of her body, but you'll be getting a good workout at the time. Clenching your buttocks will also help those pelvic floor muscles and you'll be able to get more of a hold on things! Grip harder, pump harder - that's the basic idea here. If you're up for it, do it standing up and hold her with her legs wrapped around you. If you're not sure at first, use the wall as support - we don't want any injuries!

Do it quickly
There's nothing like some time constraint to get things moving. Allow yourself a short amount of time to make her orgasm. Look at it as a target. You'll find yourself really going for it, whether you are finger fucking her or using a strap-on or dildo.

Do it after a workout
Your endorphins are sure to be pumping, so this is the best time to really get it on. If you include sex as part of your work-out, you're sure to burn more calories and have more fun. Straight after a few circuits may be a bit sweaty, but nothing compared to how you'll be once you have a really good session - try incorporating push-ups as you do her with a strap on!

Try double ended
Double ended dildos can be a little complicated, but if you are both using one instead of a strap on, your both going to get a work out. It may not be the best cardio set, but you'll find that your both working those all-important pelvic floor muscles - perfect for enhancing your orgasm and keeping that tummy in!

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