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Lesbian Tantric Experience

By Lou Lou

Sometimes there is just a bit too much emphasis on all those toys, attachments and accessories when it comes to getting down and dirty with your girl. Surely the whole point of having sex with another woman is that you can use what you’ve got to make each other have the best orgasms of your life?

Well, maybe, but it is hard to resist just pushing your fingers inside her as soon as she's there - and you know for a fact she always loves it slow, deep and hard.

So why not try something new? After all - it’s not as if either of you are going anywhere soon. You might find you both love it.

Tantric sex, made famous by Sting, is claimed to be the best sex you can ever have - simply by meditating. Although this may seem a little far fetched, it certainly has its fans.

Because of its sensuous, total body expression, much of lesbian sexuality might be labelled tantric anyway. As women are so in tune with each other’s body, it should in theory be easier for lesbians and bisexual women to take part in tantric sex.

The most important thing to remember is that while you may want to rip her clothes off and have full sex with her right then and there, you need to focus. That’s what it’s all about - focusing on each other with an intensity that should only be held for each other. By sitting opposite each other and concentrating on each other for a few minutes you can begin to connect and start your first experience of tantric sex.

After a short while, you will begin to feel an intense connection and start to touch. Real tantric sex can involve absolutely no touching - but that can take an awful lot of practice, and can be downright frustrating, so once you both feel like you won’t be distracted, start by slowly touching each other and exploring each other’s body where you might normally overlook.

Give this a few more minutes and only then should you start kissing. It’s very difficult to contain yourself but look at it as a fantastic foreplay that is extended for as long as is possible! You’ll find that if you give it an hour or so of this kind of gentle yet determined foreplay you will certainly feel incredibly connected to your girl.

You’ve got nothing to lose by trying it, and after a few sessions you should certainly feel that it's brought you closer. The sex should undoubtedly be improved as you will not only be in tune with each other’s body but also with each other’s mind - which always makes for better sex in a relationship. While it may not work for one night stands or the odd fling, it’s something worth trying if you are embarking on a new relationship with someone special, or are a few years in with someone you love.

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