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A Few Love Making Tips

By Lou Lou

Eye contact can play a crucial role in a woman being intimate with another woman. If you’re facing each other during sex, try maintaining your eye contact – it really will go a long way to heightening the experience. You don’t have to stare at each other constantly, but making that connection can really increase your feeling of intimacy.

Instead of holding her by her shoulders or arms when you are on top of her, move your hands down to her hips. The balance will change and you’ll find that you both get a better sensation as you are able to push closer to her – whether you are wearing a strap on or not.

Licking the neck, gently kissing the cheeks, lips, ears and nose make face to face sex much more pleasurable. It really is the most intimate position for two girls, so ensure you are constantly touching and exploring each other with hands, lips and tongue.

If you want to start somewhere, you can try tribadism. It’s just a matter of rubbing your hips into her as her legs are open and stimulating each other slowly that way. It’s an intense feeling and takes a long time to build up, but is a good way to build confidence before you move on to anything more exciting. You’ll find that with time, this can become a natural part of foreplay.

Any type of restriction often gets things going – particularly if you are restraining her wrists above her head. That way, you can get close enough to kiss her neck and face as she struggles against you. It’s vital that it’s consensual – so ensure you both feel comfortable with it if you start holding each other down.

Standing up is always an exciting and passionate position. It’s perfect for eye contact, access to all of the upper body for kissing and nibbling, and is perfect for pushing up against walls or lifting her onto worktops in the kitchen, for example. You’ll find it difficult to do this slowly and it will certainly end up being fast and furious. The angle at which you are both standing means that she will be stimulated in a different way and will most likely bring on a very quick orgasm!

There are alls sorts of things you can get up to as two women when you approach it from a different angle! From behind can be just as fulfilling and presents a plethora of options. Whether you use any type of toy or just prefer to keep it natural and stick with your hands, you’re bound to get something out of it.

With you kneeling behind as she is on all fours, you can hold her with one arm around her stomach and then use your free hand to get deep inside her with two or three fingers. The angle you’ll be at means that you’ll naturally get deeper into her and stimulate the g-spot that is quite deep inside her vagina.

Grab hold of her hips if using a strap on. You can maintain control over her and also your balance, which is important as they aren’t the easiest things to use. But once mastered, you can have hours of fun! Use cushions under her stomach to raise her up high enough for you to get a proper angle. She’ll also feel more comfortable.

Oral sex from behind can be something of an added bonus. Again, with her being on all fours, or even lying out flat with her legs open, the access to her clitoris is slightly different, so your tongue will be able to stimulate it in different ways. An advantage of this position is that you can broach the subject of rimming. Licking and kissing around the anus can be a highly pleasurable experience, but one that not every girl is comfortable with, so if you want to try it out, this is a good way.

You don’t have to be on all fours to take it from behind. Lying flat on your stomach, with legs open can be very intimate as she lies on top of you. You’ll get a real closeness as you are able to kiss her back, neck and arms. Be sure to talk to her, telling her what you want throughout.

If you are doing her from behind, it can be easier to attempt anal sex too. With her lying on her side and you behind, you can penetrate her slowly with a couple of fingers, then, applying lube to your thumb, slowly push this into her anus. It will be a very intense feeling, and with your other arm you can hold her tight to reassure her that it’s okay.

Holding her hands behind her back is another variation on a theme of gentle restraint. You’ll find that she arches her back away from you as you enter her, which will give you deeper access. You may even find that after a short while, she will be able to take you fisting her slowly. Use lots of lube, be patient and follow her direction.

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