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Press Release - City Of Cape Town

Need to renew your vehicle licence but wary of the long queues at municipal offices? The City of Cape Town advises you do it online.

The City and the Western Cape Government recently agreed to take over the responsibility of sending vehicle licence reminder notices to the City's vehicle owners.

It said that this action followed "the failure of the responsible national agencies to do so since October 2015".

"This failure has had a severely negative impact on City operations and has led to long queues at municipal offices and substantial online application backlogs," the statement said.

Regardless of this backlog, renewing your vehicle licence online is still an option, particularly for those who detest standing in long queues. In fact, the City advises that you "renew online where possible".

When applying to renew your motor vehicle licence online, you will need a valid email address, electronic copies of your identity documents/passport and proof of address, and all vehicle registration details.

So, how do you go about it? Well, the City has broken down the steps below:

  • 1. Visit
  • 2. Click on the "eservices" button (bottom right of screen)
  • 3. Under the Motor Vehicle Licensing option, click on "register"
  • 4. Once you've registered, you will receive an email with your temporary login and password
  • 5. Log in to the e-services site and select the service activation tab
  • 6. Next to the vehicle licensing field, click on "activate service"
  • 7. Complete the once-off registration fields. Then upload a copy of your identity document/passport and proof of address and submit your application
  • 8. Click on the motor vehicle licensing (top left of screen)
  • 9. Select "renew motor vehicle licence"
  • 10. Complete the vehicle owner and vehicle registration details applicable and submit
  • 11. You will receive an email with a payment advice, reflecting the licence fee due, the City's bank details, and a nine-digit reference number within two working days
  • 12. You can make payment via Electronic Funds Transfer or bank deposit. Be sure to add the relevant vehicle licence renewal reference number
  • 13. Your licence will be posted to the address you submitted, within a minimum of 14 days

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