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A Trip Around Nürburgring

By Franky Johnson

22/06/2016 - Jaguar hopes that its new initiative with the Nürburgring race course that gives supercar fans the chance to go around the circuit with a pro driver in a 200mph F-Type SVR will help it win supercar customers as well as more fans.

In building its first series production car capable of going toe to toe with the supercar establishment, Jaguar knows it has to show it can really deliver if it's to convince people that the F-Type SVR deserves garage space alongside a Porsche 911 Turbo.

So, the new initiative, which the company's calling the F-Type SVR Nordschleife experience, could be the perfect way of winning over the supercar shopping equivalent of swing voters.

Simply book an appointment and you'll be treated to a flying lap of the 20.83km Nürburgring Nordschleife circuit with a professional racing driver at the wheel.

To ensure safety, the car has a roll cage, racing seats and harnesses. Passengers have to wear helmets and head and neck braces. And so that passengers have more than their memories as a memento, the car boasts on-board cameras to capture all of the action.

The Nurburgring was christened the ‘Green Hell' by former F1 champion Sir Jackie Stewart for its unique combination of challenging corners, beautiful scenery and bad weather.

But Jaguar thinks this is a positive. "The weather at the Nürburgring is famed for being unpredictable and the new Jaguar F-Type SVR is the perfect car to tackle the undulating track in variable conditions," said Mark Stanton, Director of Jaguar Land Rover Special Vehicle Operations. "The Nordschleife is a fantastic circuit on which to experience all of the engineering enhancements my team has applied to the F-Type SVR."

Nevertheless, in terms of F1 racing at least, the circuit has been out of bounds since 1976 following Nikki Lauder's near fatal accident.

F1's loss is supercar owners' gain. The track is now the yardstick against which all supercars are measured. Everyone from Audi to Nissan has development teams at the circuit for testing. And former F11 driver and current Jaguar Land Rover Driving Academy Team leader, Christian Danner, believes that the F-Type is currently "One of the best cars to take passengers around this challenging track and experience up to 200mph along the Döttinger Höhe straight."

Prices for a 30-minute ride around the ‘Ring in the F-Type will cost €295 (R4 890) per person and can be booked directly with the Nurburgring's online shop.

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