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South African Police is slow to react if they react at all on LGBT Murders

SA Police And LGB Murders

30 June 2016

Despite South Africa's liberal constitution which provides full equality for its LGBTI citizens the same unfortunately cannot be said for its police service which is in general slow to react on LGB murder cases if they react at all.

In the Western Cape for example we have the case of Phumeza Nkolozi who four years ago was shot and killed at her Nyanga home.

Now her family has all but lost hope in South Africa's justice system. According to the family, the police have admitted defeat in the investigation of the matter.

According to a recent article in local newspaper, City Vision, Nkolonzi’s grandmother Lizzy Venfolo said that she had been contacted by the police and told that they couldn’t find the culprit.

“Since the incident there have been two detectives working on the case and there still were no positive results. It hurts but we have learnt to live with the facts that now we are going to rely on hearsay as to what was the reason for her death,” said Venfolo.

Nkolozi, who was out and proud lesbian, was brutally killed in her home in front of her mother and 6 year old niece.

According to Venfolo, a balaclava-clad man burst into the house, shot Phumeza three times before fleeing into the darkness of the night.

Local activist group, Free Gender's Funeka Soldaat said that they were quite disappointed that no arrests had been made in the case.

According to City Vision she said:
“We tried to engage the local police but we did not get a response. It seems that such cases do not get the desired results in this area. In February there was a lesbian rape case in Philippi, yet there are still no arrests”

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