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14% Of Gauteng Residents feel violence towards LGBT people is OK

Gauteng Violence Towards LGBT's

30 June 2016

In the South African province of Gauteng the latest release of the Gauteng City-Region Observatory (GCRO) survey‚ found, amongst other things, that 14% of residents admits to thinking it is acceptable to be violent towards gay and lesbian people.

Gauteng's City-Region Observatory (GCRO) survey, released earlier this week, also shows that in general‚ racial attitudes softened between 2013 and 2015 but attitudes towards violent actions have worsened.

According to the survey six out of 10 black people in Gauteng think that blacks and whites will never trust each other.

However‚ concern has grown among whites. In 2013‚ 66% of people surveyed agreed with the statement that ‘blacks and whites will never really trust each other’. In 2015 this dropped to 58%.

“These results differ noticeably by race. 62% of African respondents agreed that blacks and whites will never trust each other‚ down from 73% in 2013. However‚ the proportion of white respondents agreeing that blacks and whites will never trust each other increased from 40% in 2013 to 44% in 2015‚” the survey results revealed.

The GCRO is a partnership between the University of Johannesburg‚ the University of the Witwatersrand‚ the Gauteng Provincial Government and local government in Gauteng.

Tolerance towards other Africans and homosexuality were also tested in the survey and found that despite the xenophobic attacks in Gauteng in 2015‚ the proportion of South Africans who agreed with the statement ‘Gauteng belongs to South Africans only‚ send all foreigners home’ fell to 24% in 2015 from 38% in 2013. 14% of residents thought it acceptable to be violent towards gay and lesbian people.

Politically‚ 61% of people felt the country is going in the wrong direction – and were concerned about this year’s municipal elections.

The survey results also show that only 52% thought that upcoming Municipal elections in the country will be free and fair‚ dropping from 66% who agreed that the 2011 elections were free and fair.

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