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South African businesses say NO to a gay hating pastor from the USA

SA Businesses Bar Gay Hating Pastor

14 July 2016
By Taliesin Cormach - QL SA

A notorious gay hating pastor from the USA who recently made headlines for praising the mass killings of 49 people at a gay nightclub in Florida had plans to continue his anti-gay campaign in South Africa this September but local businesses have sent him and his local followers a clear message that his kind of hatred would not be tolerated in South Africa.

Pastor Steven L Anderson from the Faithful Word Baptist Church in Phoenix, Arizona, will be making his way to Johannesburg in September for what he claims to be a "soul-winning marathon".

According to carefully laid out plans Anderson promised to start his gay hating marathon on September 18 with a breakfast at a Spur in Kempton Park, and then lunch at the shopping centre's Wimpy.

However, both restaurant franchises have told the pastor they will be having none of his anti-gay preaching.

Spur Steak Ranches tweeted on Tuesday:

"We, as the Spur Group, are reserving our right to prohibit this person [from] entering any Spur restaurants as his views are contrary to the non-discriminatory and openly tolerant stance of our brand."

On its Facebook page, Wimpy South Africa said:

"Anderson is widely recognised for his homophobic pronouncements and has been accused of inciting hate speech. Wimpy has advised Anderson that the business will not permit him to conduct public preaching or religious gatherings in its restaurants. Wimpy reserves the right to prohibit him from entering any Wimpy restaurant"

Premier Hotels and Resorts also took the decision to deny him entry into their hotels and said in a statement:

"As a South African company, we support the democratic values of human dignity, equality and freedom laid out in this cornerstone of our country's democracy.

"We reserve the right of admission to any of our properties and will be exercising this right in this instance"

Anderson first made headlines in December 2014 when preached to his followers that executing gays is OK. He preached from his pulpit:

"...if you executed the homos like God recommends, you wouldn't have all this Aids running rampant."

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