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A Kwazulu Natal Induna allegedly hounded a Lesbian couple out of their home

KZN Lesbian Couple Living In Fear

21 November 2016
By Taliesin Cormach - QL SA

Over in South Africa's KwaZulu-Natal province a lesbian couple is living in fear after a local induna chased them out of their village, allegedly accusing them of spreading the "spirit of homosexuality in the community".

Nonkululeko and Nokuthula Mthembu claim they had to flee their KwaNgcolosi home, west of Durban, after Induna Mlethwa Ndlela found out that they were married and not siblings as he had thought.

The couple moved into a house in the area three months ago but trouble began when Ndlela found out that the pair was a couple.

"I am not sure who told him that we were married but that's when all the problems began," Nonkululeko told News24 on Thursday.

She said on November 9 the induna and his family, clad in pyjamas and nightdresses, attacked them while they were sleeping.

"They came here and accused us of selling drugs, said that we were possessed with satanism and that we were going to bring the spirit of homosexuality in the community."

The Mthembu's claimed that Ndlela insisted that they were living by his mercy.

"He said this was because gay couples were not allowed in the area. His wife told us she was disgusted that we had the guts to go around telling the world that we had been married for three years. She said we were disrespectful."

According to News24 Nonkululeko said they were now living in fear.

"He threatened to send men to dismantle our house because all along he thought we were sisters. We have been living in lodges and hotels because we are afraid to go back there."

Nonkululeko said she feared that men would be sent to rape as a form of "corrective rape".

"They told us they will send men to marry us. They also said that Nokuthula made me a lesbian but that is not true, I am the one who told her that I loved her."

She said they had tried to get help from the police through a protection order but Ndlela allegedly refused to sign it.

"We just want to live in peace like everyone else in the community. We want Ndlela to respect us like we respect him, we have done nothing wrong," she said.

HOWEVER, KwaNgcolosi chief Inkosi Nkosinathi Bhengu said he was informed that the issue was not about sexuality.

He told News24:>br> "The Induna informed me that someone from KwaNgcolosi who lived in that house gave them the house without informing him. He said those people were not from the KwaNgcolosi clan."

Bhengu said a decision was taken two years ago that people not belonging to the clan would no longer be accepted into the community.

"The land that is left has been reserved for the next generation."

Bhengu told News24 that the clan did not discriminate against homosexuals.

** Source: News24 **

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