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Phat Joe Says He's Not Gay

Phat Joe Says He's Not Gay

12 October 2015

According to "the Juice" popular South African Radio DJ, Phat Joe, claims the rumours about his gayness is false.

However, any real Phat Joe fan will know it's hard to take him seriously, especially when it comes to something as personal as love.

But Joe tried to open up to Khanyi Mbau in an interview about his love life recently, shooting down a couple of pesky rumours and perhaps creating one of his own.

"I'm not married, I'm not engaged," Joe responded to Khanyi asking him if he was married after he was reportedly engaged."She was crazy. I've tried twice."

He also shut down rumours that he is homosexual: "Do you think I am? For some reason people out there must think Joe has a sweet bone or something. I'm not gay!"

Phat Joe also claims that he was once in an abusive relationship where the woman used to have him in a headlock- like WWE style.

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