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The Queer Feminist Film Festival

The Queer Feminist Film Festival (QFFF) is a collaborative event by the Bertha Movie House, African Gender Institute, Triangle Project and OXFAM South Africa.

The QFFF is a space of reflection, celebration and honouring queer and feminist activist who have made strides around movement building and Queer/ Feminist organising.

In addition to screening films that speak to queer feminism, panel discussions around the films will also take place. Entry to the festival is free.

Below find the selection of films as well as the dates and times they have been scheduled for.

Queer Feminist Film Festival | 19 & 20 January 2018| Bertha Movie House – Khayelitsha


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Screening : 20 January 17:30-19:00 PM Dir. Chris Austin
Duration : 1h 17m
The life and work of Brenda Fassie, the most popular woman singer in the history of South African music.
The story of an exceptional, uncompromising woman… this is more than the portrait of a singer: it’s about a black woman who has made it in South Africa on her own terms.

SIMON AND I (2017)
Screening : 20 January 10:30-11:30 AM Dir. Beverly Ditsie, Nicky Newman Duration : 1h
SIMON & I is an intimate and inspiring portrait of black South African gay rights activist Simon Nkoli, who died of AIDS in 1998, and his fellow activist and protégé, Bev Ditsie. Chronicling two remarkable decades of activism, their story charts the history of the gay and lesbian liberation movement in South Africa and presents a personal account of the devastating AIDS epidemic in Africa. Bev unfolds their unique relationship using a mixed format of interviews, archival images and newspaper clips, while speaking honestly about the challenges they faced and the difficult issue of sexism within the gay rights movement.

Screening : 20 January 10:30-11:30 AM Dir. Siv Greyson and Ncumisa Mdlokolo Duration : 1h
As a collaborative documentary, Displaced:Black and Queer explores the realities of trans* and queer lives and how those realities intersect with blackness in Africa. The film speaks to decolonization, intersectionality, reclaiming space and interrogating the need to constantly having to defend the right to exist as black queers in Africa.

Screening : 20 January 13:30-15:00 PM Dir. Jonny von Wallström Duration : 1h 32m
As one of the few openly trans women in Uganda, and in all of Africa, Cleo faces any number of challenges to freedom, but she’s luckier than most. She was able to travel to Thailand for her gender confirmation surgery, though her native Uganda does not recognize her as female. That comes with its own set of problems, particularly when travelling, or trying to secure healthcare.

The Queer Feminist Film Festival

WINNIE (2017)
Screening : 19 January 11:00-12:00 PM Dir.Pascale Lamche Duration : 1h 38m
WINNIE: a documentary that paints a complex portrait of Winnie Mandela: the woman, the paradox, both exalted and villainised in the eyes of history.

AUDRE LORDE – The Berlin Years – 1984- 1992 (2012)
Screening : 19 January 15:00-17:00 PM Dir.Dagmar Schultz Duration : 1h 24m
An untold chapter of her life are the years in which she catalyzed the first movement of Black Germans to claim their identity as Afro-Germans with pride. As she was inspiring Afro-Germans she was also encouraging the White German feminist movement to take a hard look at their own racism.

Screening : 19 January 18:00-19:00 PM Dir.Aliki Saragras Duration : 1h 27m
After a massacre shakes the foundations of their poverty stricken mining community, Marikana, two grandmothers rise up out of their homes and lead their community in a fight against seemingly insurmountable odds for justice and dignity. From community organisations to the corridors of power, how will they make their voices heard?

The Queer Feminist Film Festival