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Ruby Rose is Batwoman

Ruby Rose is Batwoman

DC Comics describe Kate Kane, Batwoman, as a force to be reckoned with.  Kate Kane draws her inspiration inspiration from the dark, dingy Gotham City streets. Moved and motivated by an encounter with Batman, Kate donned a utility belt and joined the ranks of the costumed crimefighters in Gotham City. She became Batwoman.

Kate had a long history of overachievement. She was an exemplary pupil at the United States Military Academy, earning top marks and easily rising to the head of her class…until she was dismissed from the school for being gay. Kate received support at home from her colonel father, but she was angry and frustrated by the military’s actions. Disheartened, Kate lost direction and became caught up with late nights and partying. And then Batman intervened.

As Batwoman, Kate combines her special operative training and deep sense of discipline to serve justice to criminals. In fact, of all of Batman’s allies, Batwoman may be the one who’s most like him. Her military training makes her a tough adversary in both armed and unarmed combat, her experiences have made her a strong opponent of injustice and her intelligence has led her to become a solid detective. However, she also shares the Dark Knight’s self-destructive tendencies when it comes to personal relationships. For her, the mission always comes first.

Variety reports Ruby Rose has joined the Arrowverse as Kate Kane aka. Batwoman. She’ll first step into the role for this year’s crossover before starring in the Batwoman TV show that’s in development. The solo TV series will see Caroline Dries serve as writer and executive producer, while Arrowverse architect Greg Berlanti will additionally executive produce with Sarah Schechter. DC’s Geoff Johns will also executive produce the Kate Kane show.

Shortly after the Batwoman TV series was announced, it was reported the show’s creators were looking for an out actress to play Kate Kane, who is a lesbian. The show has fulfilled that promise to fans by casting Rose, who has been out as a lesbian for some time; she also identifies as gender-fluid. Considering The CW series aimed to cast a lesbian actress for the role, it seems incredibly likely the show will not shy away from that aspect of Kane’s identity. But, since it’s a CW superhero show, the Batwoman solo series will also depict Kate Kane’s street-fighting abilities as she battles to make Gotham City a safer place. And, given Rose’s experience with action films, she has proved capable of taking on a superhero role.

The CW has a good track record of casting its TV superheroes, and fans are no doubt looking forward to seeing the latest caped crusader don a suit and join the action. Unfortunately, fans will have to wait until the Arrowverse crossover late this year before Rose suits up as Batwoman – though a first look photo will likely be revealed ahead of time. And the wait will be even longer for the Batwoman solo series to launch, with a Fall 2019 premiere date the most likely. Until then, at least fans now know who will be playing Kate Kane and they can look forward to the upcoming Batwoman TV Show.