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The Safest Driving Cities In SA

The Safest Driving Cities In SA

The Discovery Insure 2015 Driving Challenge took place recently and according to its driving-behaviour analysis it awarded Port Elizabeth the South Africa’s safest driving city title. Cape Town drivers ranked second with Bloemfontein in third.

The results are based on more than 30 000 users who downloaded the Discovery Insure mobile app and participated in the Challenge.

According to Discovery: “This is the second year that the Discovery Insure Driving Challenge has run, allowing Discovery Insure to compare this year’s data to the 2014 Challenge; and the results indicate an improvement in driving behaviour.

“Overall driving behaviour has improved by more than 10% from 2014, and the greatest area of improvement has been a reduction in phone motion of 22%. In 2014, the data collected from the Discovery Insure Driving Challenge showed that if a driver uses their mobile phone once during a trip, the result is an average of 52 seconds of distracted driving.

“This is equivalent to driving blind for 1km at 60km/h and makes the driver four times more likely to have a crash during that trip.”

Here’s South Africa’s top 10 driving cities:
1 Port Elizabeth
2 Cape Town
3 Bloemfontein
4 Polokwane
5 Johannesburg
6 Pretoria
7 Pietermaritzburg
8 East London
9 Durban
10 Nelspruit

Why exactly are PE drivers the safest in SA? According to Discovery Port Elizabeth’s greatest areas of improvement are; lower levels of speed coupled with fewer distracted driving events that mostly, the insurer says, “involve phone-use while driving”.

The 2015 reports reveals that drivers in large urban areas are more prone to distracted driving with Pretoria and Johannesburg road users the worst offenders of using cell phones behind the wheel.

According to Discovery: “Overall, women score better in driving areas like smooth acceleration, balanced cornering, and not speeding, while men score better in gentle braking and using their cell phones less while driving.

“The driving behaviour of participants in the Discovery Insure Driving Challenge improves with age, with users 50 years and older scoring more than 14% higher than those 30 years and younger.”