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Same Sex Marriage Around the Globe

With the recent news that Australia has voted in same sex marriage and it’s being enacted into legislation in their parliament, we thought it would be nice to look at the current situation that same sex unions find themselves around the globe. Australians began the process through a postal vote which thankfully proved positive but like many other campaigns, it’s been a long fought battle.

So many people around the world have fought for same sex marriage and with each positive step, with each positive vote, we see a bigger step towards a more inclusive and progressive society for all world citizens.

Of course there are many more countries who have yet to even allow a vote for this type of legislation change and many are still a long way from even allowing that therefore it’s important to celebrate each victory in order to mark the efforts and accomplishments that those campaigners have made.

Same sex marriage and equal rights in marriage are important to couples because of things like inheritance, taxation and hospital visitation rights. A more inclusive and welcoming society will understand why it is wrong for same sex couples to be discriminated in matters like this especially when they are tax paying and law abiding citizens.

The guys at Carvaka have put together this video below which acts as a type of timeline to indicate those countries that have voted to allow same sex marriage in their countries.