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Shoot And Load

Digital cameras have many advantages over film, not least of which is that you don’t have to share your pictures of yourself and your partner with the local photo booth like we had to do in the old days.

Taking sexy photographs of each other goes beyond being a fun thrill – though it’s certainly that. Both as model and photographer, posing for and directing each other can bring out your creative instincts – and help you think about your bodies afresh – which can enhance your sex-life.

Spend some time considering props and costume, composing a sexy scene and sexy scenarios, which you will want to immortalise in digital. Be honest with each other about your fantasies: whether it’s leather or diapers, a football kit, white trainers, monks’ habit, school uniform, mud, shaving – whatever: it’s got to feel sexy to you.

You might opt for a stint in the great outdoors, though check for seclusion first (and be wary of ants!) or create your perfect romantic and/or sexy setting in a corner of your home. If in doubt as to how it will look, which might be very different on camera, take some test pictures first.

You might both feel tensed and uncomfortable, or giggly, at first. That’s normal. You’re trying something new. Allow that stage to pass and you’ll soon become increasingly open about your feelings and fantasies. As photographer, tell your partner what you most love about his body. Suggest what you would like to see him do. As the model, enjoy putting yourself under your partner’s direction, and anticipating what the results might be.

If you have a tripod, you can set the camera up to shoot the two of you together at timed intervals. This can help you think about what you do with each other, as you carefully angle yourselves to put on a show, though you might soon forget the camera is there, reminded only by the flashes.

You might like to follow a photo shoot directly with sex which will lead you to orgasm. On the other hand, it can be great to pause and look together at the pictures you’ve taken, before, off-screen, finishing the show.