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Size DOES Matter

Here’s the situation… You love your man dearly and you will never leave him, but he is a little bit “small” for your taste and he knows it. (bear in mind here that the average erect penis size is five to six inches)

Its the kind of situation which can really make or break a happy relationship.

Here’s a few things you can do for rocking great sex and to convince him he is 110% man… and huge!

Linger on sex play
Great foreplay is (almost) always important for anyone to get the most out of sex and reach orgasm. If he has a small penis, lingering, loving play with mouth and hands is even more so. Show him he can satisfy you. Show him and tell him what you love most when you receive oral sex or he masturbates you – and don’t say you need this because of his penis size. If he knows he can satisfy you he’ll feel happy and confident as a lover – and that his size really isn’t an issue.

Going down…
Giving him great oral sex is, beyond physical pleasure, a way of flattering his penis. If he sees that you love going down on him he’ll feel you do appreciate his assets – and they won’t be the proverbial elephant in the corner of the room. Oral sex should be truly fabulous for him, both because the same number of nerve-ends are packed into his small penis as there are in a (way above average) eight inch dong, and because you can fit more of his penis into your mouth.

When you’re giving him oral sex, use your hands to pull down the skin on his shaft. The stretching skin will make him feel he’s bigger. Massage his perineum, between his anus and genitals, and if he likes having a finger inserted into his anus, this should give any man a feeling of boosted size.

Show him off – and look proud
Flatter his manhood in other ways. Convince him there’s way more to being a man than the size of his penis. When you’re out with him, make it 100% clear he satisfies you – and there’s no harm in pandering to those old, masculine needs to protect, support, provide and be generally ‘manly’. Give him good PR with his mates and he’ll have a healthy ego. For a start, they’ll all think he must have something pretty good going on there – which, of course, as a sensitive lover, he has.

Make no comparisons
Don’t discuss past partners or he’ll think comparisons are being made. It’s probably fair to say all men are sensitive about how they measure up, not so much for you as against each other. Tact may be called for at times, if the conversation does turn to sex or – horror of horrors – to penis size. All he needs to know is that you’re absolutely happy with him and that no-one else’s sex life matters – because he’s a great lover.

Praise him
When you’re having sex, or discussing your sex life, tell him what he does that you really like and express appreciation: ‘I love it when you…’ Focus on the positives and you’ll reinforce them. It doesn’t only have to be words you use. If what he’s doing is turning you on, use noise to express satisfaction – and let your body move and adjust in a way that’s clearly asking for more. Praise his body too, his penis included. Say: ‘I love seeing you naked.’ Keep his confidence levels up and he’ll be a great lover regardless of size.