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South Africa's 'Pienk Gevaar'

South Africa’s ‘Pienk Gevaar’

In the bad, bad old days of Apartheid, White South African youth was constantly made aware of the different dangers to their society.

They were “Die Swart Gevaar” (The danger of black South Africans ruling the country), “Die Roomse Gevaar” (Catholics was also seen as a danger to Apartheid), “Die Rooi Gevaar” (The threat of Communism) and “Die Pienk Gevaar” (Queers was seen as a threat to the Apartheid regime’s masculinity).

Now, after many years of majority rule above threats all seem laughable, but hey, it shaped South African society for many decades. Now, there is no going back. The nightmare of “Die Swart Gevaar” came true and wonder of all wonders, apart from major corruption issues, everything is still ‘sort of’ OK. “Die Roomse Gevaar” have proven to be just a figment of some paranoid Apartheid General’s imagination, “Die Rooi Gevaar” imploded when the old USSR fell apart and as for the “Pienk Gevaar”…

… Well, behold, beautiful and confused children of South Africa: The smoke has cleared, the glitter bomb has settled and finally, after years of deliciously imaginary back-room strategizing and decades of secretly brainwashing millions of punk-rock girls and repressed ’50s dads …

…after panicking the conservative right, inducing “forgiveness” nightmares in the Pope and shamelessly luring countless parliamentarians and church dominies, mayors and deeply shamed rugby players into the shimmery rainbow fold – the world-famous “Pienk Gevaar” has, once and for all, SCREAMED itself alive.

Have you even noticed? Especially you up there on the pulpit of your American right sponsored pulpit which you brought all the way from Nigeria or Uganda with you to start your new Christian church in South Africa with.

Yes you… waving your arms and wielding your Bible like it was a dull switchblade, wailing that the fabric is coming undone and nothing will ever be the same in the world again.

You know what, pastor, Dominie (or bishop or whatever title you chose for yourself)? You are absolutely goddamn right. You know what else? Thank sweet Jesus for that. I mean, really.

To make it even easier to understand, to produce irrefutable evidence of the “Pienk Gevaar’s” ultimate goals, to further confound (or perhaps finally enlighten?) those who still think homosexuality is a choice, who think it the devil’s work and believe it morally repugnant, well, we have pictures. Lots and lots of pictures, all from Gay Pride Parades happening all over South Africa these days. We also have pictures of hundreds of Queer couples, in legal unions in South Africa. Actually for quite a few years now..

A picture may be worth a thousand words, but a photo of two people aswim in true and respected love is worth just about every book, poem and bible ever written in this messy and godsmacked South Africa we call home.

Don’t believe me? Google or Bing it and be amazed, refreshed, ignited, heartspun and soulwarmed, over and over again, as many times as you like, as many times as it takes. I’ve looked through thousands of pictures, and take my word for it, it never fails.

One stunning photo after another, an endless parade of people simply bursting at the seams with love and human potential, radiating and terrified and madly aglow with the possibility of it all.

The good news is, there is almost no way anyone with a functioning and extant heart can see these pictures and not suddenly be drained of all protest, all resistance, all ridiculous fear of what the “Pienk Gevaar” is really all about. It is, after all, about just one thing, and one thing only. And it always has been.

Perhaps it’s too much to ask. Perhaps you believe there are many who will simply never be convinced. The fear is too deep, the religious indoctrination too harshly stamped, the heart too cold and locked down.

It’s very possible.

Post a few of these pictures to your straight friends on Facebook or Google+ and you will see some react to the funny way some of the couples are dressed. Some will hate how silly and identical some couples were to one another. Some will be childishly indignant that queer folk should not be allowed to be seen kissing in public.

Have you seen straight people lately? Bridezillas? Bridalplasty? Have you been to a wedding on Gauteng’s East Rand or even a “traditional Xhosa wedding” in the Sandton Towers? I’ve been to many beautiful weddings in my life. But know this now: No one can top straight people when it comes to gross and ridiculous couplings.

But I won’t say that. Because that would be tacky, and also beside the point. Besides, your protests at gay marriage is lame and out of date, no matter how much money the American religious right is giving you to fight the “Pienk Gevaar” so far from your own home. Do you think they sense the writing on the wall? Do you think they intuit which way history is leaning? Do you think they are starting to realise that the “Pienk Gevaar” is all about the love of two individuals for each other and simply cannot be stopped?

Love can do that, you know. It always has.