How prepared are you?

How prepared are you?

Dear Queerlife family I hope you are well. I am sure COVID-19 and its effect on you and the economy have got you thinking about how well prepared you are
Investment Rollercoaster

Investment Rollercoaster

Over the last 6 years since starting my business, Investment returns in South Africa have been what many like to call flat. In other words, they have moved sideways. Yes,
And your Grade is ... Junk!

And your Grade is … Junk!

The last few weeks have been filled with more market turmoil than we have seen in a decade and it all started with a midnight meeting. The impact for all
Pay, pay, pay ... all we do is pay!

Pay, pay, pay … all we do is pay!

In many conversations being held at dinner parties and in the media recently, the topic of fees and services in the financial advice world are being vociferously discussed. Should we

Banking Basics

Over the last few years I have had many meetings with clients who would like to break the debt cycle or find a system that prevents them from going into