Aussie Gay Marriage Setback-queerlife

Aussie Gay Marriage Setback

The Australian government's plan to hold a popular vote on whether Australia should allow same-sex marriage suffered a setback on Monday when a political party announced it would not support
Aussie Gay Hater Arrested-queerlife

Aussie Gay Hater Arrested

Over in Sydney Australia television news reports stated that a 62-year-old man who allegedly put highly corrosive acid inside a lubricant dispenser at a gay cruise nightclub was arrested and
French Minister Defends Gays

French Minister Defends Gays

Over in France the French health minister, Marisol Touraine, is heading to court to defend a recent safe-sex advertising campaign which depicted a gay couple moving in for a kiss.
Dutch King Visits LGBT Activists-queerlife

Dutch King Visits LGBT Activists

Over in the Netherlands the country's reigning monarch, King Willem Alexander has paid a historic first visit to local gay rights group, COC Netherlands, in a rare tribute to the