Blind Dates and True Love-queerlife

Blind Dates and True Love

In the past, I used to hate surprises, but I quickly got over it. I realized, what is life if not one giant surprise after another? It wasn’t until I
Sharing Your Fantasies- queerlife

Sharing Your Fantasies

It can be difficult to share sexual fantasies with a partner. Perhaps, you fear, he’ll think your tastes are weird or ‘dirty’, or that he isn’t living up to your

Posing For Health

Posing to me is as much part of training as diet and sleep. I am convinced that posing can help anyone anyone during their quest for a better physique. So

Gym Training And Your Sexlife

How does training affect your sex life? Does frequent sex impact your training sessions? For men who train, those can be pressing concerns. One of the key hormones in the