Overwatch Game Gets Queer

A new update of the popular video game Overwatch is breaking ground over at Blizzard Entertainment, with more LGBTI characters in storylines than every seen before. Blizzard Entertainment game’s lead


1982. TEXAS. It's a world of big hair, synth-pop and cowboy boots as Kevin (Jacob Newton), a straight frat-boy, enjoys a little male physical bonding with his buddies; after all,
The Queer View Mirror

The Queer View Mirror

Write something from a dyke perspective, they reckon. What's that? I suppose I have a permanent lesbian's eye view, being a lesbian and all, but what makes it different to

A Queer Eye at Str8 Friends

Lets face it... If you’ve got a penis and an internet connection, you HAVE watched porn. If you’ve got a penis, an internet connection, and a desire to see other

Queer South African Celebs

Despite a large percentage of South Africans still being homophobic, there are quite a few local celebrities who are out and proud and does not mind showing their support for