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The first week…

Romance strikes! The two of you wake the next morning, take a long look in each other’s eyes, and realise you actually still fancy each other! In a perfect world, the next week would be wiped free instantly of other commitments. There’’d be time to revisit the lazy years, give yourself up to him totally, make love at least thrice a day… Meanwhile, you’’re late for the office.

Actually, when you are in love, or getting there, work becomes a lot easier. The mind clarifies. Tedious tasks become mere incidentals. And there’s always time to send him a romantic text. Should you? Go on. Risk it. Why be ‘grown-up’ and restrained about this? Live the dream. He’ll be thinking about you in any case. Keep it sexy and undemanding – you’ve only slept with him once – and he’ll feel safe and start thinking more about what he’d like to do with you next time, which should be as soon as possible.

At the start of a relationship you could arrange a big night out – dinner, clubbing, a trip to a show. On the other hand, while your desires are ultra-fresh, it might make more sense to avoid extraneous details and go straight to bed to have sex a lot. Stock up the fridge with champagne and sexy nibbles, then intersperse your exploration of the gay Karma Sutra with a little light snacking.

All day, at work, you’’ve had more than enough of the world outside your bedroom. Leisure time is precious. To kick-start a relationship you need to use it wisely. That means making love. Sure, come the weekend, you might take an hour or so off to go and mingle in society and flaunt your afterglow. But romance is simple. It doesn’’t take much, just two guys who fancy each other and want to exploit that.