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The Man behind the Copper vat

Preparing for the harvest

Jaco le Roux grew up in a small town. Sundays used to be the treat where his grandparents will allow them to have a tasting glass of wine. This sparked a love and passion that is quite evident in his decisions from here onwards.

After school, he tried to taste a little more than a tasting glass by enrolling and successfully completing hotel school. Even in Lucern, Switzerland, he impressed with his knowledge of food and beverage.

The grapes arrive in the cellar

After some extensive traveling and work in the food and beverage industry, he yet again realized that the passion was not fading for wine.

It was at a function where the bottle opener opened the cork. “Why are you not doing this full time and making other people rich in the process?”

Mix for that perfect taste

Starting a business is never easy, but with the right partner, you can move vineyards. That is exactly what Jaco did and he started his next chapter by focusing on smaller wine estates. His attention to detail is what made this a success. Something that flows not only in work but through all his friendships.

Finding the right shape bottle 

Often, with age, wine tastes different than what you expect. It was, therefore, time for paths to separate and new challenges to be embraced.

The born day of Copper Wines is something to celebrate. This is when Jaco realized that he had too much passion and love for wine to give up yet. His social circle jumped in, tasted some wine and put together plans to promote this business from a passion to reality.

To drink or to age

The future is that a picture of wine being poured slowly and attentively into a wine glass. Not only is this just the beginning, but it also shows the character of hope and how all the tastes come together into starting another fairytale. The man behind the Copper vat is smiling. This is a dream come true.


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