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Uganda Imprisons 8 Year Old

Uganda Arrests ‘Gay’ Children

Over in Uganda the country’s gay hating government have now gone one step further in its anti-gay campaigns with local police arresting an eight-year-old girl for “lesbianism”.

Jinja Police Child Family Protection has accused the girl of seeking out “romantic relationships” with other girls after a neighbour was allegedly spying on her and watched as she “lured” girls to a nearby farm, trying out “various sex acts using her fingers”.

The girl allegedly when questioned by Police, admitted to similar behavior at school.

Catherine Wobuyaga, Head of the Child Family Protection Police unit has urged adults to watch out for people who “lure underage children into illicit relationships” and the Police are investigating to see if an adult in her life may have “influenced” her.

The eight-year-old is currently in Police custody.