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Weekly Male – Nick Bateman

Our hotty of the week this week is the international male super model, Nick Bateman.

Nick Bateman was born in Burlington, Ontario. He graduated from Capilano University in Vancouver, Canada, at age 20 and then opened his own karate school.

Shortly thereafter, he began modeling professionally, during which time he lived in Milan, as well as New York and Miami.

Bateman is well-recognized for his massive social media presence, with over 4 million followers on both his Instagram and Facebook profiles.

Aside from being the hottest male model in ModelTown, Nick is also an actor with 12 acting credits to his name to date. He was also one of the leads in the Canadian television sitcom, Originals, which sadly didn’t last for more than one season.

In addition to running his martial-arts school, he looks forward to a post-modeling career in acting and photography.

Sorry boys, this one is straight because he also admits to frequently engage in baby talk with his girlfriend and playing pranks on random juiceheads.