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What to Wear to a First Date

What to Wear to a First Date

The biggest challenge in life is not landing a first date with the person that you have a secret crush on. When you think about it, you will realize that the biggest challenge that all of us face is finding the right outfit for your first date. No, no, hear us out. How many times have you chosen the wrong outfit for your first date, or that you simply spent hours and hours creating different scenarios in your head or going through your wardrobe in your mind finding the right shirt to match with your pants? How many phone calls had your best friend to endure before you chose the right combination? Save yourself and your BFF the trouble and take a look at some of the things that you should have in mind when thinking about the date outfit combo:

Be yourself

Let’s start with a seemingly cliché tip, but definitely one that can save your date and possibly your future love life. Appearance is one of the top things people notice when we meet them, so the most important thing to do is be yourself – so leave all of the clothes that do not reveal who you actually are. Yes, sometimes it is a great thing to impress the person you are talking to, but since you want to catch this guy, probably for the long run, it’s essential not to fake it (save that for the bedroom in case he proves to be a miss). This means that you should go with the style that you actually like to go with – if it’s casual, do not try to pull off an extremely smart look. If your style is edgy, show it. This will show them your true essence, which can only be a plus.

A touch of class

You do not have to go big to get your guy to like you. In case you want to come off as an independent guy who likes class, do not overdo it with wearing brand clothes from head to toe. Wear something minimalistic and simple, and spice it up a bit with a good choice of accessories. The safest way to play it is to wear some of the best designer watches that you can find. This will create the effect of effortless fashion sense and scream taste, baby. It’s also playing it safe just in case your date isn’t into designer clothes. This way, you’re showing elegance and giving him the best of both worlds.

Make your combination interesting

So, there are plenty of different styles that you might go with, depending on the actual place of the date. You will not be wearing the same clothes on a Saturday morning brunch date and on a Friday night club date (hopefully). But no matter which style you go with, it’s always important to make your outfit more interesting, and here’s how. Once you choose your style, open your wardrobe and find the simplest clothes that you own. Matching monochromatic clothes is one way to play it safe, and if you add nice accessories, you can never go wrong. 

Wrinkles are out

There are several don’ts that you want to have in mind before you meet your guy, but one of the most important is that you never go in wrinkled clothes. Ironed clothes are extremely attractive and most importantly, they give the illusion of you being completely fresh, clean and neat (even though the truth might be completely opposite, but let’s hope it’s not!) Ironing your clothes will take only a half an hour of your time, and it’s the time that you want to spend getting ready for a date. Contrary to popular belief, ironing your clothes is more important than douching. You can save sex for the second date, while you cannot save the first impressions.

To sum up, getting ready for your first date with the person that you like might cause a  headache, but following these tips, you will have one less thing to worry about. Remember – do not try hard to fascinate your date with your clothes, just be you.