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What to Wear To The Gym

What to Wear To The Gym

Here’s a few simple fashion guidelines for buying gym wear that will make you look good, even after the most strenuous workouts.

First and foremost, your gym rags should be comfortable and allow your body a great range of motion. Let’s face it, you’re going to the gym to pump iron and to sweat it out, so don’t wear delicate designer clothing because after a few workouts, they’ll only be ready for the garbage.

Just like your everyday clothing, your success in being stylish at the gym lies in the simplicity and elegance of your outfits. Avoid wearing multicoloured T-shirts that don’t match the colour of your pants and/or sneakers. Your entire ensemble should consist of 2 or 3 colours or tones. Any combination above 3 colours will likely lead to a fashion disaster.

Instead, stick to solid colours like black, navy blue, red, gray, earth tones, and white. If you’re the type to perspire a lot, avoid wearing light gray T-shirts because sweat stains under your armpits will make you look rather filthy and unattractive. The same applies to yellow sweat stains on your white t-shirts; even though they are totally natural, they’ll make you look sloppy.

All T-shirts with flashy logos and huge insignias should also be left aside and worn as pyjamas instead. Wear T-shirts with discreet logos such as Reebok, Puma, Adidas, and the famous Nike swoosh . A small logo on the chest or back of your tee is classy, subtle and will match the rest of your training gear. Just shop for your favourite brand and find simple, stylish T-shirts made for the gym.

If you have a fit, trim body, don’t be shy to wear tighter T-shirts or even more revealing tank tops. Just follow the same guidelines: keep it simple and make sure it looks clean.

Generally, cotton tops are the most comfortable and the least expensive. As for better fit, I suggest various blends of synthetic fibers because they offer a better fit and provide as much breathing ability and comfort as cotton.

When you’re scheduled to work out your legs and/or do cardio, it’s wise to wear shorts. They allow a greater range of motion and better air circulation. You’ll find a wide variety of shorts that offer support, comfort and style.

In order to look good, shorts should fall a little above the knees and fit nicely around your buttocks and legs. Save the extremely loose fitting shorts for boxers and basketball players; they lack sex appeal and look kind of sloppy altogether on a regular guy working out.

Once again, when the time comes to choose, keep it simple by minimizing the amount of colours in your gym outfit. If you only have one pair of shorts, make sure its colour is neutral so that it can easily match most of your T-shirts and sneakers.

Great fabrics for shorts are a mix of cotton with spandex or polyester. These stretch materials make the shorts fit perfectly, offer great support and look great too.

Whatever shorts you decide to wear to the gym, just remember to keep your bathing suits for the pool and your jean shorts for gardening or painting the house.

For days when you’re working your upper body, wear track pants; they’re stylish, extremely comfortable and designed for intense wear and tear from training. When they are worn with trendy running shoes, the right track pants can be worn as everyday casual wear. Once again, keep the colours to a minimum and opt for a straight cut.

Stay away from track pants with a narrow finish, because they won’t fall well on your running shoes. Track pants come in every style and colour, so just pick a pair that will easily match the rest of your training gear. Recommended colours are black, gray and navy blue, as they blend nicely with most colours and aren’t likely to get stained or dirty.

If you want trendier track pants, look for drawstrings in the waistband and/or around your ankles. Other neat accessories are zippers, buttons and different pockets. Thicker and modern fabrics such as nylon will give your track pants more durability while adding to your trendy look.

All sporting good manufacturers carry a line of track pants, so you shouldn’t have a problem finding a pair. Apart from your sneakers, track pants will probably be the most expensive item so be ready to spend a little more on them.

A whole article could be devoted to choosing great-looking sneakers. Again, simplicity and comfort are key. Minimize the amount of colours and flashiness, and buy shoes that will serve their purpose. If you are a runner, don’t buy running shoes just because they look good. Instead, opt for running shoes that are specifically designed for running.

Just remember that a great way to look stylish is to match and combine the right colours, which of course, should be kept to a minimum. Now get your stylish butt to the gym!