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Who was Cassandra Stone?

Ms Stone was one of the finest performing artists South Africa has ever seen; her hutzpah in performing the most outrageous, daring and dazzling trapeze acts will always be remembered.

Cassandra ran away and joined the circus in 1995; where her acts soon became the talk of the town, glitzy, glamorous and a pair of legs that twisted in ways you can’t believe. Cassandra became known for her drag performances at gay clubs where she performed with pythons and on the odd occasion an alligator. Her pet albino python draped around her neck like Zsa Zsa Gabor’s feathery boa.

Like any love story she met the love of her love while performing, sadly her love, Andre, who later became her husband passed away and Cassandra never really got over his death.

David McLaren, the owner of McLaren Circus, said that “ Stone was a versatile performer who mastered many aerial acts including fly trapeze, aerial hoop, single trapeze, and her strongest number, the aerial rope.”

“Cas worked illusion and magic, was a great dancer, loved to perform to Shirley Bassey and always made an effort to provide free ‘drag performances’ to clubs, gay and straight nationwide. Cassandra will be sorely missed,” McLaren said.

Cassandra Stone, shining light, passed away at the age of 44 from complications related to meningitis.